Sophomore: Kamden

Kade Brackin, Fine Arts Editor

October 16, 2019

Kamden Browning is representing the sophomore boys on Homecoming Court along with Zachary Bradley.  “I felt kind of indifferent when I heard I made it,” Browning said Browning participates in Mech and Metal, and so far, he really enjoys it. “It’s my first year… it’s my favorite thing to...

Sophomore: Zachary

Darren Dawkins, Reporter

October 12, 2019

Zachary Bradley is representing the sophomore boys along with Kamden Browning. “I was excited when I heard that I was on it. I was also a little confused,” Bradley said. He also plays sports for West Hardin. “I play football and golf,” Bradley said. He has musical skills as well. Tr...

Sophomore: Kaleigh

Sophomore: Kaleigh

Kimberlann Gilley, Business Manager

October 9, 2019

Kaleigh White was one of the four sophomores chosen to represent their class on this year’s Homecoming Court.  “I’m super excited to represent my class,” White said. She competes in a very diverse group of activities. “ I do cheer, volleyball, basketball, golf, tennis, track and pow...

Sophomore: Emee

Sophomore: Emee

Sam Payne, Editor-in-Chief

October 3, 2019

For the Sophomore girls, Varsity Cheerleader and Yearbook member Emily Houghton has been voted as a candidate for Homecoming Court.   “ I was excited and shocked, a bit of both,” Houghton said.  This isn't her first time around either, Houghton has appeared on court numerous times and is no strang...

Sophomore Homecoming Court