Siren Santa

January 13, 2021

Siren Santa is a yearly donation that our very own fire department does to help the less fortunate, and this program helps families give their own kids gifts. This program has been running longer than...

Photography teacher

January 12, 2021

Megan Hargraves is the new high school photography and yearbook teacher. She is also the advisor of the NHS. Hargraves spent her time studying at Lamar University where she graduated with 3 degrees. A...

The voice of Oiler Stadium-25 years of announcing

December 11, 2020

John L. Hancock has been a part of this community for a very long time and now his grandkids play here.  “I have lots of great memories over the last 25 years of announcing. I guess being able to...

West Hardin takes on Europe

December 10, 2020

        Head Girls Basketball Coach & Girls Coordinator, Lin Ellis, has been in charge of planning out the Europe trip. At the moment, the date of the trip isn’t set in stone, but the trip is...

West Hardin High School student council

December 10, 2020

         The student council is a very important part of a school. Student council does most of the fun and important school activities. Our student council is no exception. Even though our student...

Teaching together- the Chesshers

November 19, 2020

Crystal Chessher and Kristen Chessher are a teaching duo here at West Hardin. Crystal Chessher is a PEIMS coordinator and has been working at West Hardin for 13 years. Kristen Chesser is a 5th-grade math...

Mrs. Shoats- 20 years of teaching

November 17, 2020

Velisha Shoats is a kindergarten teacher and has been teaching for twenty years, this year being her twentieth. Although, she hasn’t always taught kindergarten, and she hasn’t always taught at West...

Teaching across generations the Williamses

November 12, 2020

Mrs. Williams and Ms. Williams are one out of the four mother-daughter teaching duos here at West Hardin. Heather Williams is an interventionist, and Maygan Williams works as one of the two ag teachers,...

The dynamic duo the Browns

November 11, 2020

Ms. Brown and Mrs. Brown are a teaching duo here at the West Hardin school. While Kaylie Brown deals with high school students, Kathy Brown is teaching the 4th graders in the elementary.  “I enjoy...

2020 West Hardin Homecoming Bonfire

2020 West Hardin Homecoming Bonfire
September 25, 2020

Morgan Hunt “It is soo much fun I always love going to this kind of stuff    Kamden Browning “Yeah man it didn’t get really bright but it was still fun to have a gathering like...

Senior Homecoming Candidates

Senior Homecoming Candidates
September 23, 2020

Thank you family and community, Issac Murphy

May 22, 2020

To my hero,    Thank you Dad for turning me into the man I am today. Words cant explain how grateful I am that I had you to help me and show me right from wrong and show me how to become a...

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