Trailer build winners

Remington Utton, Reporter April 7, 2021

Four kids started cutting and welding metal together. Measuring out a  14’ by 84’’ mainframe out of 3/16’’ angle iron, and it was only uphill from there.  Since the metal had been cut,  the...

The step from middle school to high school

Hailey Enloe, Reporter April 7, 2021

The emotions experienced when first entering high school vary from person to person, but one emotion that most people usually feel is nervousness. For example, 8th grader Ava Simmons is both excited and...

The perfect spring time dessert

The perfect spring time dessert

Sophie Enloe , Editor April 7, 2021

I love black forest cake, but a strawberry version seems more appropriate for spring and summer. This light fluffy cake, filled with lots of scrumptious strawberries and topped with real whipped cream,...

Speaking of the Suez

Logan Wells April 7, 2021

On Tuesday, March 23, at approximately 5:40 am local time, a 400-meter cargo ship named the Ever Given was caught in a sandstorm in the Suez Canal. It Weighed 200,000 tonnes, which is roughly 441 MILLION...

A day in Pre-K

Alyscia Lee-Ann Patton, Reporter April 7, 2021

One grade people tend to forget about is Pre-K. These kids are just starting school, and during the COVID-19 pandemic, no less. “I get to be their first experience in school. It’s a great way to...

Miss Robin: Keeping Things Rolling

Derrick Jackson April 7, 2021

Secretary Robin Palumbo works to help keep the school intact. Palumbo has worked at West Hardin for 17 years, and now she works in the front office.  Palumbo helps principals, teachers, and students...

Who is Coach A?

Jimmy Wayne Tapley Jr, Reporter April 7, 2021

Michael Atkinson is a man of many languages, a father, coach, husband, and he was an athletic director. He grew up in Batson, Texas, and went to school at West Hardin where his mother and father worked...

Why schools should have better lunches

Juan Sanchez, Reporter April 7, 2021

Most students don't like the food that school serves nowadays. No one likes the idea of having whole bread instead of white bread or having a sugar-free Powerade instead of a regular Powerade. Most people...

Skyrim Review A fun fantasy

Jimmy Tapley, Reporter April 7, 2021

Skyrim, one of Bethesda’s greatest achievements, started sweeping the nation in 2011. Skyrim is a free roam fantasy game where you, the Dragon-Born or Dovahkiin, fight the ancient evil known as Alduin...

Preparing for college with Mrs. Amanda

Cadence Slankard, Reporter April 7, 2021

Amanda Atkinson is the district-wide school counselor who helps students through the process of getting into college. She starts getting kids' minds thinking about their future before they even enter high...

OAP: Regional Bound

Derrick Jackson April 7, 2021

The West Hardin One-Act Play team has been working hard all year to get the show to state. Out of 201 2A schools that entered into competition this year, there are only 32 teams still competing for the...

Mrs. Price: A Special Teacher

Hailey Enloe, Reporter April 7, 2021

Kellie Price is a special education teacher here at school. Her job can be challenging but she and the people she works with makes it fun for the kids and for themselves. What they do every day can vary...

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