Terra’s outlook

Sophie Enloe , Copy Editor

This summer the cheerleaders went to cheer camp to improve their cheers, compete for awards, and learn. Senior Terra Tanton didn’t like cheer camp because it was really early and she didn’t have time to eat.

“It was not fun for me because I don’t like getting up early in the morning, and we had to be down there early in the morning. We didn’t get to eat and I like to eat food,” Tanton said.

Tanton has went to cheer camp every year with her team.

“You have to go to cheer camp so that you and your team..actually I think it’s required? I don’t know if it’s in the rules or not, but I think it is. I’ve went every year that I did cheer and everyone on my team did too,” Tanton said.

Tanton said that cheer leading is expensive.

“Oh I don’t know but I think in all for cheer in general we paid like $12-1300, but I’m not for sure,” Tanton said.

Tanton and her team learned new stunts at cheer camp.

“Yeah actually for our stunts, we didn’t have very many. We could do like a prep cradle and now we have the straight extension which is where like they start down here in a low but then you shoot all the way up with your hands extended above your head. So we got that down at camp. We learned a whole bunch of harder tricks than we did before,” Tanton said.

Tanton said cheer camp lasted for 4 days.

“I think it was 4 days? Yeah I think it was 4 days,” Tanton said.

During cheer camp, Tanton and her fellow cheerleaders got in sync by working together as a team.

“Yeah actually like we would go down and we had to learn like 3 or 4 cheers and a couple other dances and as we practiced those throughout camp, throughout the weekend and everything, we got in sync and together,” Tanton said.

Tanton and her team won some awards during cheer camp.

“As a team we  got a blue ribbon which is superior and means you did really good and we got some little pins,” Tanton said.