West Hardin tournament

October 14, 2019

Prose Interp

2nd- Natasha Garcia

5th- Kady Hendrix

Varsity Extemp

2nd- Christopher Johnson

4th- Eli Fowler

Novice Extemp

2nd- Kimberlann Gilley

3rd- Quinton Whitestar

4th- Chloe Trail

Varsity LD

3rd- James Miranda

Novice LD

1st- Kade Brackin

4th- Jessica Gutierrez

Varsity CX

1st- Christopher Johnson and Thomas Peek

5th- Eli Fowler and Wynter Wilson

Original Oratory

1st- Eli Fowler

5th- Evan Johnson

Duo Interp

1st- Meagan Henry and Jessica Gutierrez

Poetry Interp

6th- Wynter Wilson

1st- Jessica Gutierrez

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