Senior: Lance


Sheridan Lucas , Reporter

Lance Mosley along with seven other students will be representing the senior class at  homecoming. 

“My first thought, I was just excited because I wanted to get on for senior year,” Mosley said. 

Lucky for Mosley,  this isn’t his first year being on Court. 

“This would be my second time, my freshman year was my first,” Mosley said.

 Mosley is also involved with a few after school activities. 

“ Football, basketball, and maybe baseball this year, I’m not sure,” Mosley said.

Out of the activities Mosley does, Mosley  said he would choose basketball to be his main activity. 

“Basketball because that’s what I’m good at; it’s my best sport,” Mosley said.

Over the past years of Lance’s high school career, he has had many good memories.

“My most memorable moment in high school is probably when we won that first round of playoffs, but that’s just right now; we’re going to do better this year,” Mosley said.

After high school, Mosley does have plans.

“Well, when I’m older, I plan on making a bunch of money, but I’m probably going to work at a plant or a refinery to make a lot of money,” Mosley said.