The evolution of Fortnite

Holden Loper , Reporter

Throughout the seasons of Fortnite there has been many changes to the maps features. This includes Rift zones popping up and Mech falling from the sky which has made today’s map, but the question is, for many, will this map last in season 11?

Fortnite was set to launch the new season update October 6, 2019,  but was delayed and rescheduled to launch between the 13th and 17th of October. The update will run on Ps4, Xbox one, Pc, Switch, iOS, and Android, and will include an hour presentation as usual but, there is something different this time.

There has been leakage, of new information about this new season, and due to Fortnite data miner Lucas7Yoshi, we have discovered that this season will trigger the end of this season’s and all the others Fortnite map . Lucas7Yoshi also discover some new locations we will be seeing next season. 

The locations that Epic games will be inserting on the new map are, BeachyBlufs, CampCod, CreativeIsland, DirtyDocks, FrenzyFarm, HollyHedges, LazyLake, Mountain Meadow, PowerPlant, SlurpySwamp, SunnyShores and WeepingWoods. This map is sure to be a whole step up for pros and many others. 

With a whole new map coming out next season, we could be seeing some new amazing skins being featured. These skins are unlockable by purchasing the Battle pass with the game currency of 950 V-Bucks (10 Dollars) or purchasing the Battle Pass+25 Tiers(30 Dollars). You can also purchase skins in the store.

Also with the new battle mode called Zone Wars LTM, Epic games could be experimenting with new weapons. This is sure to lead to some broken weapons just like what we saw in Season 9 the Combat Shotgun.  

This season of Fortnite has, by far, been the talk of all the seasons. With new maps,  new weapons, and skins, this could be a game changing season of Fortnite. This season can make the difference. It can either destroy the game of Fortnite, or make it more popular. No one knows yet, but we will soon find out.