Sophomore: Zachary

Darren Dawkins , Reporter

Zachary Bradley is representing the sophomore boys along with Kamden Browning.

“I was excited when I heard that I was on it. I was also a little confused,” Bradley said.

He also plays sports for West Hardin.

“I play football and golf,” Bradley said.

He has musical skills as well. Truly a guy of many talents.

“I play guitar. I would probably say my favorite song is Stairway to Heaven. I just like it because it’s cool,” Bradley said.

Bradley loves his family, and that’s pretty evident in who he looks up to.

“I look up to most everyone I’m related to, but especially my Grandpa because he raised me.” Bradley said.

Bradley has learned an important lesson from his time in high school.

“You’re only here for a little while so you have to make the most of the time you have while you have it.” Bradley said.