The Teaching life


Alexia Jordan , Reporter

Mr. Cody Cash is a new teacher this year. He teaches Outdoor Adventures and health. He is also a coach.  He has enjoyed some aspects of teaching. 

“My pros are that I get to interact with my students everyday and give them a good direction of life of where it is going to go.  I can kinda help them in any situation they’re in or if they are struggling,” Cash said.

There are some drawbacks to being a new teacher.

“Cons are that I am so young kids kinda think I am their older brother, and they try to push me over a little, and I have to correct them,” Cash said.

Cash’s family encouraged him to be a teacher.

“My mom was a teacher, and she looked at me when I was in high school and said you are going to be a teacher one day, and I was kind of  like okay I guess I will be. That is really how I became a teacher and a coach,” Cash said.

He went to college at the University of Louisiana at Monroe.

“College was a lot of fun. It was a good learning experience. It makes you grow up really fast. You make a lot of new friends and meet new people so that is another reason why I liked college,” Cash said.

He has  some advice to young adults who are going to be new teachers.

“Don’t panic or overthink things just kinda do the best you can with what you have and keep calm,” Cash said.

Cash enjoyed many things about high school.

“Oh man high school was a blast! I love football.  I like the sports stuff and pep-rallies were like my big thing.  I love the pep-rallies. Other than that the friends I made in high school. I still have the friendships I made. Also some of the teachers I still talk to today that were role models for me in high school,” Cash said.

Cash is enjoying his new position.

“Everybody is so down to earth they are real with everything. They don’t have any fake issues everybody’s just here,” Cash said.

He has many things to teach to his classes this year.

“I teach about outdoors, and they get their hunters education and boaters education. I also teach health and health is pretty much what it says we learn about your health how to keep your body right and anything about the body they need to know.”