Freshman: Jake


Braxton Poland, Sports Editor

Jake Loftin is a freshman, and he was picked along with Bryce Blanchard to represent the freshman boys on the 2019-2020 Homecoming Court.

 “I was surprised when I heard that I got chosen for homecoming court,” Loftin said.

Loftin enjoys many activities.

“I play basketball, and I like to duck  hunt because it’s what I’m the best at,” Loftin said.

Family is important to him.

He looks up to his Grandpa Hank Loftin because “he was an all around good guy,” Loftin said. 

So far, Loftin has enjoyed high school.

 ” I though that it was going to be a bad year but it turns out it’s one of my best yet,”  Loftin said.