Junior: Kami

Keaton Robertson, Reporter


Homecoming is coming soon, and Kami Marcelli is one of 4  juniors who was chosen to represent their class on Homecoming Court this year.

“I was surprised and happy when I found out I made Homecoming Court,” Marcelli said.

Although she was shocked that she made Homecoming Court, this isn’t her first time to be on it.

I’ve been on Homecoming Court three times now,” Maricelli said.

Although she didn’t play any sports this year, she likes volleyball.

“My favorite sport would have to be volleyball. I didn’t play the sport this year, but I played it all my other years in high school,” Maricelli said.

Many people have their favorite memories from high school, and for Maricelli, her most memorable moment of high school is a pretty recent one.

“My most memorable moment would have to be making Homecoming Court because I didn’t expect to make it three times,” Maricelli said.

Maricelli’s view on high school has changed in a very positive way.

“At the beginning of high school, I struggled with my school work a lot in class, but it slowly got easier and easier for me, and now I don’t have many problems anymore,” Maricelli said.