Junior: Gracelyn


This is Gracelyn’s 3rd time to be on Homecoming court, and she is excited to represent her junior class again.

“I’m thankful that my classmates voted for me again,” said Gracelyn.

Gracelyn participates in FFA where she shows rabbits and is on the radio team. She is in NHS, a member of student council, serves as class president, and is a cheerleader but she loves one thing the most. 

 “I’ve always had a love for softball since I was little, and I see myself playing that in future, hoping, maybe to play in college,” Gracelyn said. 

She treasures her memories of softball very much.

“We were playing High Island.  It was last year, and we were winning, and it was the only game that my boyfriend could make. I was playing third base when I got hit in the mouth with a line drive and chipped my tooth. Half of my tooth is still on the High Island softball field. After that,  I made the next out, and that made 3 outs so we went in the dugout.”

The person she looks up to is Coach A.

“ I look up to Coach A because he is wise, humble and a nice person and no matter what you do, he is going to be the right person to go to.”

Gracelyn has some advice for younger students.

“High school goes by way faster than you’d think. I didn’t think it was going to go by this fast. My brother went through two years of high school with me, and I wish he was still in school with me. I’m a junior,  so I’m taking college classes, and it’s hard. So college is going to be way different than high school is.”