Freshman: Charley


Charley Nugent was chosen for Homecoming Court to represent the freshman class. This is her first time ever to be picked for something this special before. 

“ I was so excited being on homecoming court because I get to represent my class, “ said Nugent.

Nugent enjoys many activities.

“I like to play volleyball and I am a part of Girl Scouts.

She enjoys activities where she can work with others.

“In Girl Scouts, we all just work as a team. The reason I play volleyball is because I feel like it pushes me to be better.” 

Luckily, she has some help with everything.

“One person that pushes me to be my best is my mom. I look up to her. I thought being in highschool was going to be strict and hard but it was the opposite, the kids are nice and school is not that hard,” Nugent said.