Freshman perspective



Sophie Enloe, Copy Editor

Two-a-days are the days of the month before school starts in which the volleyball players get warmed up for volleyball. Freshman Shelby Tousha got to experience two-a-days for the first time this year and she recalled how long it lasted.

It was a couple weeks, maybe the beginning or middle of summer to the first day of school,” Tousha said.

Tousha said she had to do warm up exercises before she was able to play volleyball.

Well for the first part we exercised. First we ran our 12 minute jog, then we exercised for the first half of the day to get limber. Then the second half we played volleyball,” Tousha said

Tousha said she learned multiple things during two-a-days.

I learned that when you can back up to do more stuff like to have better  time to pass and everything and when you’re serving you’re not on a time limit,” Tousha said.

Tousha said that two-a-days assisted her to get ready for the season.

It helped me get ready for the season. See, if I would’ve just started in the season like the first day of school I wouldn’t have been as prepared as I was,” Tousha said.

Tousha said two-a-days were enjoyable.

Yeah, it was fun. I got to see my friends and I just like the sport of volleyball. It’s just fun to me,” Tousha said.

Tousha said that two-a-days helped her to be able to work with her team better.

Yes it did because volleyball requires a lot of communication. Without communication you’re like a big blob of hot mess on the court,” Tousha said.

Tousha said that two-a-days made her look forward to playing volleyball.

Two-a-days was just a taste of what it’s going to be like during the season,” Tousha said.