Senior: Thomas


Sheridan Lucas, Reporter


   It’s Homecoming week here at West Hardin, and Thomas Peek is one senior out of the eight on  Homecoming Court.

 “My first thought when I made homecoming court was probably surprised,” Peek said.

This isn’t Thomas’s first year to be on the court.

“This is my second year to make court,” said Peek. 

Thomas is “very helpful and he’s always got that going for him.” Freshman Cailyn Trousdale said.

Thomas is also very busy with school activities. “ I participate in speech and debate, theatre arts, baseball and band,” said Peek.

Not only does he do these activities, but he has placed in them over the years.

“My freshman year I won the state championship for solo and ensemble for band, and then my junior year in speech and debate I won a state championship in prose  interpretation, and then all three years I’ve played baseball I made the district team,” Peek said.

Thomas has looked up to a person over the years while doing these activities. “Someone I look up to is probably my mother because she’s taught me everything that I know,” Peek said.

Over the years, Thomas has made many memories.

  “My most memorable moment of high school would have to be my freshman year during one of the high school pep rallies, we had a lip sync contest. Everybody was like really shook when I started like dancing and going crazy and stuff,” Peek said.

Thomas’s opinion on high school has changed since his first year of high school to his last.

“In the beginning, I thought that all these crazy experiences were going to happen, like is this going to be a big life change, and  all this crazy stuff was going to happen, my whole world was going to be turned upside down, and in reality, nothing extreme has changed. It’s just always been the same. Always go to class and do the same stuff, pretty much middle school but with more anxiety,”  Peek said.