Sophomore: Kaleigh


Kimberlann Gilley , Business Manager

Kaleigh White was one of the four sophomores chosen to represent their class on this year’s Homecoming Court. 

“I’m super excited to represent my class,” White said.

She competes in a very diverse group of activities.

“ I do cheer, volleyball, basketball, golf, tennis, track and powerlifting,” White said. 

There are 3 people she looks up to in her life: her mom, dad, and Bree Martin.

“My parents are always there for me 100%, and I’m so beyond blessed to have them in my life, and Bree Martin is someone who inspired me as a little girl,” White said. 

White has many special memories from High school.

“Getting to dance and have special moments with my teammates, friends, and sisters,” White said.

If she could only do one activity, it would be basketball.

“That’s the sport that I hope to inspire somebody in some way, and it’s a good life lesson. I have faith in myself and the girls I get to play with, in and out of the sport,” White said.