Freshman: Aniston


Sophie Enloe , Copy Editor

For this year’s Homecoming, Freshman Aniston Mosely has been voted to be on the Freshman Homecoming Court, and she is very enthusiastic about being able to represent her class.I was super excited and was happy to represent the class of 2023,” Mosely said. Mosely participates in two sports, and she has been doing them for a while. I do basketball and track,” Mosely said. Mosely is inspired by MBA basketball players. I look up to all like the MBA basketball players because they  give me an idea to push myself and work hard,” Mosely said. Mosely said that if she had to choose one activity to do in high school, it would be basketball.“Probably basketball because it is fun,” Mosely said. One of Mosely’s most memorable moments in highschool had to do with sports.Being in athletics and working hard,” Mosely said. Mosely’s outlook on highschool has changed from thinking it was going to be difficult, to thinking it’s less challenging than she thought. I thought it was going to be  pretty hard, but so far it’s easy,” Mosely said.