Senior: Baelynn

    Kimberlann Gilley

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    An Oiler type of ‘tude
    January 29, 2020

    Baelynn Fenton is a senior on the 2019-2020 West Hardin Homecoming Court, and she is looking forward to representing her class.

      “I am excited because it’s my senior year. I’m trying to make the most of everything this year because soon I’ll be graduating and going off to college,” Fenton said.

    She participates in multiple sports events.

    “I play volleyball and cheerleading at the moment. Later on, I plan on playing softball and tennis,” Fenton said.

    The person she looks up to the most is her dad, for the sweetest reasons.

    “He’s always sacrificing for my family by being out of town or state working all the time. He misses out on a lot of things, but because of him we’re able to have all of our wants and needs,” Fenton said.

    Out of all four sports she plays, Fenton would choose to be a cheerleader overall.

    “I love to make people smile and be cheery. I think it’s important for everybody to be happy,” Fenton said.

    As you move through high school, views tend to change. 

    “As a freshman, I thought high school was going to be a breeze, but over the years I’ve proved myself wrong. The older I’ve gotten, The more stressed I became,” Fenton said.

    Throughout high school, she has made many special memories.

    “My most memorable moment would have to be homecoming court as a junior. It was such a devastating time for our community when we lost two of the most outgoing, full of life people,” Fenton said.

    For homecoming court last year she wore a white dress in honor of Garett Saulter’s favorite color.