Senior: Terra


Alexia Jordan , Reporter

The West Hardin Spill has interviewed Terra Tanton for the 2019 West Hardin Homecoming Court. Tanton is a senior this year.

 “I was very excited when I found out I made court,” Tanton said.

For Tanton, Homecoming Court isn’t a new concept.

“This would be my third time appearing on Homecoming Court,” Tanton said. 

Tanton is involved in many different after school activities.

“I do volleyball, cheer, basketball, and softball,” Tanton said.

Many people have role models that they aspire to be like when they grow up.

“I look up to my grandma, because she is a very smart person,” Tanton said.

There are many memorable moments in life, but Tanton has her favorites.

“When I found out she made the select softball team, that was a good memory,” Tanton said.

As you move throughout high school, many feelings and views change.

“I guess now that I am a senior about to graduate and everything I look back and I think man I probably should have paid attention a lot more in my classes, because now I am going to college and just applying for it is hard I could only imagine the classes,” Tanton said.

Tanton already has an idea of what college she wants to attend and what her future plans are.

“I am going to start out going to lonestar in Kingwood; then, I’ll probably put myself back into college to be a pre-k teacher.