Freshman: Bryce


Kade Brackin, Editor-in-Chief

Bryce Blanchard is representing the freshman class along with Jake Loftin. He’s 5’8’’ and he plays select baseball against 16 year-old teams as a 14 year-old. His favorite teacher is Ms. Renae Rose and his favorite subject is English.

“I look up to my mom because she raised me,” Blanchard said.

Blanchard is loved by many people because of his personality and charm.

“He’s funny and caring… he’s a lovable person, he’s friendly and everyone likes him,” Freshman Charley Nugent said.

Blanchard can also turn any situation into a good time.

“My favorite time with Bryce was when we were in this restaurant, and his phone went off super loudly and the entire restaurant got super quiet while he tried to turn it off, and it was hilarious,” Nugent said.