Living The Dream

    Kimberlann Gilley

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    An Oiler type of ‘tude
    January 29, 2020

    From Concordia University to the halls of West Hardin, Ms. Chloe Gonzales is finally living out her dream of being a teacher/coach.

    “I have always wanted to be a coach because I love sports and I love to compete. I chose to be a teacher because my mom has been a principal/teacher, so I have been around education a lot.”

    Ms. Gonzales is enjoying West Hardin.

    “The community of people in this district have been so welcoming and friendly. I am so proud to be apart of the community and I am trying my best to make West Hardin proud!” Gonzales said. 

    Much like any other coach, she has expectations for all volleyball teams.

    “My hopes for ALL volleyball teams I am involved in is that the team would improve and come everyday to compete,” Gonzales said.

    Ms. Gonzales found out about the teaching job from Mrs. Brown, the 4th grade ELA-R teacher. 

    “She told me about the job and within the next week I was hired. It happened really fast and was super unexpected, but I am very thankful for the opportunity” said Gonzales

    The Lady Oilers are very impressed with Gonzales’s coaching mechanisms, Lady Oilers such as Freshman, Charley Nugent.

    “She’s more engaged with her students, she works harder with them, she works on what they need to work on, and what she thinks they could be better at.” Nugent said. 

    She also hopes to have Gonzales as a coach in future years. She 

    “ I think she’s a really good coach, and we need her.” Nugent said. 

    Senior, Terra Tanton happens to agree with her, in this statement. 

    “I hope she stays and learns and grows in herself as a coach, and she’ll only get better for the younger girls.” Tanton said. 

    Apparently, she is also very different than previous coaches that Tanton has had. 

    “She’s really understanding, when it comes to anything, I guess she’s just not as uptight and rude that’s for sure.” Tanton said. 

    She is also very fair when it comes to the different age groups of girls that she coaches, according to Tanton and Nugent. 

    “There’s other coaches that might not, but she doesnt show favoritism to anyone.” Nugent said. 

    And Tanton has parallel views on that statement. 

    “Yes she is very respectful to all of us and gives us all the same rules. But I feel like us older players, she expects more out of us.” Tanton said. 

    Gonzales will also be helping with some other sports throughout the year.

    “I will be assisting with girl’s middle school and high school basketball, and track.” Gonzales said.