Hunting ethics

An editorial

Quinton Whitestar, Reporter

Recently, people have begun to speak out against hunting. They argue that  hunting is unethical or cruel, but it isn’t.

Hunting today is far more ethical than it has ever been. Instead of being chased for days and than being killed slowly animals are killed in a matter of seconds with considerably less pain than the slow death overpopulation inflicts.

Banning hunting would have negative consequences.  It is completely immoral to ban hunting because banning hunting could ruin people’s livelihoods and cause major damage to the American economy by trampling fields and killing livestock.

People claim that allowing regular people to hunt is unethical. But vermin  will continue to threaten farmers and other civilians, and when that happens the government will have to kill the animals and the government uses methods that are banned in most countries such as poison bait, leg hold traps, and aerial gunmen– all of which can cause injuries to plant life and humans.

We should not ban deer hunting because it actually benefits our society.