Injuries sideline JV football

Braxton Poland and Holden Loper

There is  no longer a JV football team due to the many injuries that have occurred this season. 2 JV players were  injured while practicing and playing football: Kade Brackin, quarterback and Holden Loper, lineman.                                                                        

“ I broke my finger during practice, but thank goodness the the coaches had the trainers come out 3 days a week to make sure we’re ok, these coaches are the best yet. They always make sure we are ok and are not injured,”  Loper said. 

Both injuries were due to broken bones. Kade Brackin broke his Ulna and Radus. Holden Loper broke the end bone on his finger and ripped his tendon on the top. Due to these injuries, the JV football kids got moved up to the varsity to play.

 “I fractured my wrist during practice by falling on it. I fully broke it during the game when a Liberty player hit me on my wrist with his helmet. The fact that the JV barely had any kids didn’t bother me. I would play either way,” Brackin said.

All players are still playing football and will be for the rest of the season, but the West Hardin team will most likely not have a JV team after these injuries.