Locker room thief

An editorial

There’s been a thief in the high school locker room. They have already stolen from several people, including Senior Issac Murphy. Murphy allegedly had $50 stolen out of his wallet while he was at football practice. 

This is a problem, and the school staff should act. The school should do something to secure everyone’s things. They aren’t doing much to prevent it from happening, so more and more people will have items stolen. The thief won’t find there to be a punishment, so, as a result, they will keep stealing. 

With thieves in the locker room, the team will lose all of their trust for each other. They need to be able to trust one another to do what they need to do to win their game.

Some people may say that no one is stealing, but even if no one is, something needs to be done because eventually it will happen if there’s no punishment for it. The coaching staff take should take more responsibility when things get stolen. 

A solution could be when all the kids are out of the locker room, have it locked and give the kids locks for their locker so their things will be secure and safe. 

If the coaches would take these precautions, it would stop people from stealing.