New Rhodes in Town

Sophie Enloe, Copy Editor

After six years as a teacher’s aide, Jennifer Rhodes has dived into her first year of teaching with graphic design, digital media, 8th-grade technology, yearbook, and newscast classes while being the NHS sponsor.

When Mrs. Rhodes received a call for the job, she was content with where she was, but she was not teaching at the time. After some thinking and praying, Mrs. Rhodes decided to pursue the job. The main factor that persuaded Mrs. Rhodes was the tight-knit community and the small classes. Although Mrs. Rhodes’s journey has just begun, she has already experienced a lot.

“[The best part about teaching is] the kids. There are so many different personalities, but it’s funny because like I absolutely love them to death, and sometimes they drive me absolutely crazy,” Mrs. Rhodes said. “I mean, it’s so fun to bounce ideas off of them; it’s so fun to see their personalities come out. It’s fun to see them click and realize something that they may not have known and that they actually learn something new.”

While Mrs. Rhodes does not exactly remember what made her want to be a teacher, she does know how long she’s wanted to be a teacher.

“I honestly don’t remember that because I wanted to be a teacher for so long and I’m so old now that I don’t really remember what the spark was. Ever since I was a little kid, I would actually line my dolls up and teach them,” Mrs. Rhodes said.

Not only is Mrs. Rhodes a teacher, but she is also a photographer.

“I have actually been doing photography since I was a kid too, but obviously not professionally. I remember having a camera in my hand at all times like at school, in high school, I always had a camera with me,” Mrs. Rhodes said. “When I graduated I had a camera with my first professional camera would’ve been in probably when I was about 25. So, probably a good 20-25 years professionalI wouldn’t even call myself a professional, but you know what I mean.”

Mrs. Rhodes’s interest in photography runs in her family.

“We have a ton of pictures of us kids growing up and you know how in some families the first child has a ton of pictures but nobody else does? Well we all do,” Mrs. Rhodes said. “I’m the third child and there’s a ton of photos of me. I just always see my grandmother and my mother with a camera in their hand I just always wanted one too.”

Mrs. Rhodes is ready to take on this year and collaborate with her students.

“It’s obviously again my first year, there’s so many things going on, there’s so many new things to learn about this community, what y’all do out here and I’m excited to come in and continue y’all’s traditions. And then whatever I’m working on or changing, I’m excited to bounce the ideas off the current students, but also maybe give them what my twist might be on it,” Mrs. Rhodes said. “There’s so many things we’re doing that it’s exciting to see the kids being involved in and excited about that I can’t wait to see how it turns out in the end.”