A way with words

Sydnee Smith, Reporter

Clink clink! That’s the sound of all 75 medals that the Speech and Debate team has earned this year. 

The West Hardin Speech and Debate team has been the 2A UIL Speech District champs since 2007. This year, the team’s success has continued to progress, and the West Hardin Oilers couldn’t be prouder! The team of 15 has been working hard all year, and it has most definitely paid off.

Students join Speech and Debate to gain experience and confidence within themselves. They are often shocked when realizing how far they have come from the beginning of the year. 

“I’ve been in it since my freshman year, and when I first joined, I was really bad; I couldn’t pronounce anything, I could barely speak, and I wasn’t as talkative as I am now. Now I’m able to annunciate things better, and it’s just really helping shape who I am today,” junior Derrick Jackson said.

Although the team has been successful this year, there were difficulties at times. 

“I would say the hardest part of Speech and Debate is the stress it puts on you but in the end, it pays off. You just really have to be ready to put in the work to be successful,” freshman Lily Walston said.

No matter how hard this year was, the team still enjoyed going to tournaments and spending time with their teammates.

“It’s been a stressful year, but it was also my very first one. Overall, it was a good year because I got to hangout with my friends and I’m usually always busy and never get to,” freshman Makayla George said. 

Joining Speech and Debate is a great idea for those who are ready to work for their achievements because the Speech and Debate world is a tough one, but without it, many people wouldn’t be where they are today. 

“If you’re thinking about joining, you should totally just do it. If you’re having trouble, we will all be more than glad to help, and you will have a bright future ahead of you,” Jackson said.