Opinion on climate change

Sydnee Smith, Reporter

The world is our home, where we live and thrive. Climate change is quickly destroying our homes, and we need to take action immediately. It’s essential to take control of climate change for two reasons: it affects people’s health and destroys our planet. 

Ending climate change is an urgent issue because it is destroying the planet. A New York Times article reported that climate change is increasing quickly. Climate change is accelerating possibly too quickly to reverse changes that it has already caused and is still causing. For example, ice caps are melting, sea levels are rising and atmospheric warming are just a few changes that are now irreversible. Pretty soon, all changes caused by climate change will be permanent, and it will have been too late to take control of the situation. If we do not act now, we are not only risking the end of the human race and all life on earth, but we will be risking the life of our planet. Some changes that are still fixable or manageable include the surface temperature and ocean acidification. Fixing both of these will help marine animals’ food supply, which will help human food supply. 

Putting a stop to climate change is vital because people’s health will be negatively affected if we don’t. According to Climate and Clean Air Coalition, climate pollutants significantly impact air quality, food, water and economic security. These pollutants directly affect the well-being of public health. Things that threaten human health are things that ultimately threaten the existence of human life. For example, pollutants cause the spread of infectious diseases and heat stress, which frequently results in poor health and even death. Since pollutants also cause irregular weather events, people continue to be put in harm’s way. For example, 150,000 deaths occur due to climate change, and weather disasters caused by climate change have continued to increase over the past 50 years. This number will continue to rise until climate change is solved. In order to prevent the further deterioration of human health, climate change needs to be taken more seriously than it is now.

To sum it all up, the importance of better managing and ultimately solving climate change is more significant than what it is cut out to be. If climate change is taken care of soon, then the human race and the life of our planet will no longer be threatened.