Four-day week scheduled for next year

Lyndon Tomlinson, Reporter

The schedule for next year has been changed to include 4-day weeks. There will be a 4-day week during September, October, November, February, March, and April.

Sophomore Morgan Smith believes 4-day weeks may disrupt athletes’ preparation on game days.

“I don’t like it,” Smith said. “…we’re not gonna be here on Friday, and that’s when most students prepare for games …and in 4 days, I’m not gonna be able to learn as much as in 5.” 

Sophomore Luke Williams thinks it will improve students’ well-being.

  “I like it,” Williams said. “I think it will be good so you can have one day and relax your mind and if you have any homework you can do it.”

Sophomore Logan Wells believes that the 4-day week could affect the success of some programs.

“I think it’s a bad idea,” Wells said. “I think not only is it gonna [impact] extracurriculars, I think it could impact the success of specific programs. For example: football and basketball. Because we all know Friday is game day for both so for Friday we might even have less attendance because less students are at school, we might have less practices for certain things if we practice on Fridays. I think it would be bad overall for extracurriculars, and it would do damage to our programs.”

Sophomore Peyton Soto believes that the 4-day week could disrupt school spirit.

“From a cheerleader perspective, it kinda screws us over because Friday is our day for pep-rallies and stuff like that…,” Soto said.

Logan Wells also believes that 4-day weeks could hurt attendance

“So we would not only have less fans in our seats, we would also have less kids at school and a lot of kids also don’t necessarily have opportunities to get to school like buses personally, so many kids wouldn’t be able to attend those extracurriculars class because of lack of opportunity to get there,” Wells said.