Meet the newcomer


Sophie Enloe, Copy Editor

Transitioning from a 6A school to a 2A school isn’t something everyone experiences, but it is for junior Maggie Caldwell.

Maggie moved from Atascosita High School, where her graduating class as a junior was 1,000 people. Now, her graduating class only has 43 people, but she is gradually getting used to the changes.

“The classes are getting a lot easier to recognize and to get to. I’m not having to use my schedule as much. In fact, I didn’t use it at all this morning,” Maggie said. “I’m very proud of myself, and it’s a whole lot easier to walk through the hallways because I’m not running into people left and right.”

Maggie has several hobbies and is involved in band and sports.

“I do sing a lot with my mom. Of course, I like playing my instrument. I really really like playing soccer, I’m a goalkeeper. [I like] sports in general, but I think being a keeper is my favorite. I’m also pretty good at drawing. I doodle a lot on my homework instead of doing it,” Maggie said.

Maggie is inspired by her grandparents to pursue a career as a coach and a teacher.

“Both of my grandparents are coaches and teachers, but my grandma is retired. My grandpa still teaches at Atascocita, and he is the offensive line coach, and I want to teach U.S. history like he does because I’m really really good at it, and I think I like it,” Maggie said. “I think it’s really cool. Some of it sucks, but it’s still pretty cool.”

Maggie’s passion for being a coach comes from her leadership skills and her love for sports.

“I really think I would be a good coach because I was in a leadership position, not just on my team but in my band as well. So I think I’m pretty good at you know encouraging and teaching at the same time,” Maggie said.

Receiving a mushroom on the first day at a new school may be odd, but it’s how Maggie was welcomed in science teacher Cody Cantrell’s class.

“My favorite class is Cantrell’s class because he is super chill and the kids are weird, but I like Cantrell. He’s really cool,” Maggie said. “He gave me a mushroom on my first day. It was a 3D printed power-up mushroom from Mario.” 

At Atascosita, Maggie was taking French classes, and now she continues her classes online.

“My favorite subject… right now it’s French because I’m chilling in here. I mean, I get my work done and then I sleep so it’s awesome,” Maggie said. “Bonjour, je m’appelle Maggie: hi my name is Maggie. I think it’s one of the easiest things to learn in French.”

There are two talents that Maggie possesses to her knowledge.

“I consider singing to be a pretty special talent because obviously not everyone can do it, but I think being able to… not help people but just be there for people and help them feel better [is also a talent]. I’m pretty good at that,” Maggie said.

One of the many new friends that Maggie has made so far is sophomore Malysa Hicks.

“She’s pretty cool,” Hicks said. “She sits with us at lunch. She has a good energy and she’s really fun to be around and she’s not scared of confronting people which is awesome. I love that for her.”

Junior Natasha Garcia became friends with Maggie right off the bat.

“I think she’s a pretty cool girl honestly. When she first came here she was like very cheerful and like you know upbeat which really surprised me because a lot of people like that are not really like that these days,” Garcia said. “She’s weird, but the good kind of weird like the weird that you can vibe with. I don’t know she has a really upbeat kind of vibe, that’s pretty much it.”