Spring league is served


Aubrey Loper, Reporter

Bump! Set! Spike! Another score for the Lady Oilers.

Volleyball players round-up teams to compete in a series of tournaments. Spring league volleyball is an extra couple of weeks at the end of the school year to help players prepare for the upcoming volleyball season. Juniors Cailyn Trousdale and Kenzie Schroeder are on the varsity team this year and have high hopes for this year’s mini-season.

“I think playing the more advanced teams will make us better,” Schroeder said. “Not [just] as …individual[s] but as a whole team.”

The players think that the spring league can contribute to success in their upcoming volleyball season.

“I think, with us playing better teams, that will help us win the district and preseason as well as playoffs,” Schroeder said.

Spring league has pushed the volleyball girls to be better as a team. This can affect the team’s losses and wins next year. The better they are as a team, the better the game.

“I think it makes us better and gives us more game-like situations,” Schroeder said. “So we can be more prepared as a team for what’s coming.” 

The players have confidence in how far they can go next season, especially with the help of the spring league. The new group of players may introduce a new atmosphere next year.

“I feel that we could go farther than we did last year, especially with the new set of players we will have next year,’’ Trousdale said.