Colleges should drop tuition fees

Genesis Vidol, Reporter

Student loan debt is one of the many significant problems amongst college students.
Student loan debt substantially impacts students’ financial future.

To prevent student loan debt, colleges should drop the tuition fees to make college more
affordable. The government could also forgive people with student loan debt.

According to the United States Department of Education, during 2020, about 17% of the
adult population had a debt. About 75% of students with student loan debt attended a two or
four-year college. Around 40% of the students in debt usually leave college with debt between
$20,000 and $100,000 in student loans.

Forgiving student loan debt would relieve financial pressure on students and the country.
People have proposed that student loan debt should range from $10,000 per borrower to $50,000
per borrower. In addition, forgiving student loan debt would forgive at least 15 million

In December 2010, Americans owed $845 billion in student loan debt, and in 2020,
Americans owed $1.71 trillion. The total amount of student loan debt has increased by about
102% throughout the years. If student loan debt was forgiven that would lower the total debt
owed. Since student loan debt is too unaffordable for students, colleges should decrease the
amount of tuition, which would reduce student loan debt.