Do not defund the police

Maria Munguia, Reporter

The Black Lives Matter protests following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis,
Minnesota, on May 25, 2020, created a movement among individuals around the world to
address police brutality and systematic racism. Demands to defund the police had begun to
occupy protest signs and social media posts in an attempt to stand up to the brutality and deaths
that discriminatory police have inflicted upon the community. The initial concept of defunding
the police was to transfer the funding from police departments into community organizations
such as mental health experts, housing, and social workers.

This wouldn’t provide the most effective outcome for the community, in fact, defunding
the police could make matters worse. If department budgets are cut, the first priority would be to
ensure that all workers were paid fairly and that the department could continue to function. This
will also force the departments to cut spending in important programs that they’re involved in
such as cadet and explorer programs, which unite young citizens and police in community
service and personal development.

With only a limited income, the police wouldn’t be able to fully aid in as much violence
and crimes within the community. This would result in higher crime rates, causing an even more
disrupted environment. Citizens would eventually feel unsafe to leave their homes due to the
constant increase in criminal activity. While defunding the police may seem like a good idea to
those rightfully angered by the inactions of some officers, it wouldn’t be the wisest decision
when searching for ways to protect the community from misconduct.

Dishonorable police have managed to shape the way that society looks at every police
officer or higher official. It is important to consider the impact of the honest, hard-working
officers that are being punished for the crimes of their co-workers. Many police have decided to
get into law enforcement because they strived to be a part of the change that they sought in the
world and have achieved their duties with honor, dignity, and respect.

There are other ways that the community can move forward and advance the police
department. The Equal Justice Initiative has suggested a few ideas that could make a difference
such as a law banning or restricting the regulations allowed under the use of force and
eliminating qualified immunity, which protects officers from being sued for certain wrongful
deaths or injuries. There are also smaller tasks that can benefit the departments such as requiring
body cams while on duty or lengthening the training of officers to ensure that they fully
understand their rights and duties as police officers.

Defunding the police departments will result in much more issues than what is currently
happening in the world. Transferring funding to different community organizations will only
solve a few problems that society faces, such as mental health. Those organizations cannot
protect or defend any individual in situations where trained professionals are required to save