Reinstate the gifted and talented program

Gifted and talented programs are for children who perform exceptionally better than
those in the same age group. These programs are extremely valuable to the children who need to
become challenged, more engaged and are meant to help them have a more successful future. As
of now, West Hardin does not have any G/T or gifted and talented programs for students.

Gifted students are not being challenged in their regular classes. According to the
National Association for Gifted Children, students who are not being challenged become bored
and lose interest in their classes. This disinterest in school will cause students to quit caring
about their classes entirely. Students deserve to be provided with G/T programs because they not
only help students in school but they also set students up for a more successful future.

If we do not provide the special education these gifted students require, we are hurting
their future. According to, students who receive the higher education levels
that G/T programs provide exhibit much higher levels of achievement than their peers. This level
of education challenges students and pushes them to strive and continue to better themselves

West Hardin should absolutely have a gifted and talented program. This program will
better the students and the entirety of the school.