Editorial on pit bull bans

Sophie Enloe, Copy Editor

People claim that pit bulls are naturally aggressive dogs and should be banned to decrease
dog attacks on humans and other animals. Pit bulls are not as bad as people say they are, so they
should not be banned.

Contrary to popular belief, the article “Pit Bulls are Chiller Than Chihuahuas” claims that
chihuahuas are the most aggressive dog breed. Even though chihuahuas are more aggressive,
most people don’t see them in such a negative light. On the other hand, pit bulls are seen as ‘bad
dogs’ because of a reputation that they do not deserve. All dogs are good at heart, but their
behaviors greatly depend on their upbringing and influence.

Not all dogs act the same; they grow up in different environments, and some of them are
even trained to do tricks and behave according to commands. When a dog is not treated well or,
if it doesn’t have its boundaries respected, it may display signs of aggression; however, if a dog
is treated with love, attention and mindfulness, the dog will likely be friendly. Of course, dogs
may act differently around strangers if they haven’t been trained to deal with unfamiliar people.
If there is an issue revolving around a dog’s behavior, it can be solved by training it. Although, if
a dog has a learning problem, it might not be able to be trained. Getting a dog trained by
someone does cost money, but the next best thing an owner can do is use tips from videos on
platforms like YouTube if it cannot be afforded.

According to the article “Dog Bite Statistics in the U.S. (By Breed and Other Factors),”
the odds of a person getting bitten by a dog are 1 in 70. So, getting bitten by a dog is a rare
occurrence, but the chances can be lowered if more dogs are trained. If a dog bites a person, that
doesn’t mean that the dog is a bad dog. Dogs might bite people if they are stressed or scared, but
they may also do it out of anger. Most dog bites are not bad enough to have to go to the hospital
either, so it’s usually not a big deal.

The solution should not be to ban certain breeds of dogs but to train the dogs to act better.
There will be fewer problematic dogs if more dogs are trained to behave.