Yellowstone review

Hailey Enloe, Social Media Manager

Yellowstone is an American drama TV show that is aired on many different streaming
platforms. Although it came out June 20, 2018, it just recently became famous. It is about a large
cattle ranch that shares a border with Native American land.

There are four main characters. John Dutton is the father of Beth and Kasey Dutton
and owns the Yellowstone ranch. Kasey Dutton and Rip Wheeler run the ranch for John. Rip is
the boss of the ranch and tells everyone what to do, and he is in a relationship with Beth Dutton. Rip
came to the ranch when he was a young boy, and John raised him into the man he is today, so
John calls him his “other son.” Beth Dutton is a strong and independent woman who takes care of
the government side of the ranch and gets them out of a lot of trouble.

Rip Wheeler is one of the most popular main characters besides John Dutton. Rip used to
be a troubled orphan before John helped him out and let him live on the ranch if he helped out.
Rip isn’t the oldest one on the ranch, but he has the most authority. Rip and Beth have always
had feelings for each other, but it wasn’t until they were older that they tried to work things out.
Later in the show, they find a boy in the same situation as Rip was, but they aren’t too fond of
helping him.

The main characters fight to keep their ranch alive, but the Native American population wants to
buy their ranch to build a casino and apartment complexes on it so they can extend their land and make Montana “bigger and better.” Everyone on the ranch works together to keep the ranch going and thriving no matter what it takes. If you like western shows and a lot of action, I would suggest
watching “Yellowstone.”