Second-grade’s letters to Santa

Editor’s note: we mostly preserved the original spelling of the letters to maintain authenticity. We hope you enjoy reading!


Dear Santa: For Christmas I want 5 ducklings, 20 cookies and a big warm hug. Sincerely, Mac


Dear Santa:  I want a cat toy and a noo blacit (new blanket) and that’s it. Sincerely,  Emery


Dear Santa: I like win you bring me presents, Santa. I want a Nintundu swich and a Jurassic Park lego set. Sincerely, Luke 


Dear Santa: I want a dino mask and a giant bop-it.  Also specially a dirt bike and headphones and a Nintendo switch and a go cart that’s all I want for Christmas. Love Santa. Sincerely,  Jayden


Dear Santa: This year I will be at my grandma.  So I want to bring my dog,  But if you kant bring it, is is ok. Love, Kaylie


Dear Santa: I want a go cart and a phone and a watch and a necklace and a Nintendo switch,  Sincerely, Gaige


Dear Santa: You are the best and I want a new lambogina and a robot and I want a electric moderski and I want a play sashen 5. Sincerely, Avia


Dear Santa: I want a popit. A slack horse. A chromebook. Sincerely, Blakelee


Dear Santa: I want a twenty-two and a Nintendo svrthch popi2 game. Sincerely, Gunner


Dear Santa: I want a puppy for Cristmas and a eletrek car and fun toys.  And of the best Love ABbie and a snow cone machine,  I want slime and I want a IPhone and ere pods and a computer. Sincerely, Abbie


Dear Santa: I wish four a dirt bike. Sincerely, Jesse


Dear Santa : May I have a D-day play set if you can’t find it get a civil war set , I want sumthing that has to do with war pleas or a new dirt bike please. Sincerely, Waylyn


Dear Santa :  I want a baby dog. I love dogs I want a baby poodle for christmas.  Sincerely,  Bella


Dear Santa :  I want to get a cat and a four weler and a dog and a pet deer and a pet squal and bird I want food and a horse and a canday.  Sincerely,  Creed


Dear Santa :  I want a NBA basketball goal, NBA video game, airobe, mini foosball table , iphone.  Sincerely,  Jase 


Dear Santa :  All I want for christmas is a folwiler , a horse , a skateboard and roler blades. Sincerely,  Naomi


Dear Santa, I want football gloves and a football tea, go cart, four weeler, Nintindo switch, basketball net, PS5 and a bull.  Sincerely, TJ


Dear Santa: I want a intindow swich and a toy baby Lixin and I want a flexible Barbie and I want a toy fox and a scabbard and rolbrad and I want a computer. Sincerely,  Olivia


Dear Santa, I want a palora spras ticit (Polar Express ticket). And a horse. Sincerely,  Noah


Dear Santa:  I relly want a puppy for Christmas. Your cool, Santa. I can’t wait to see you.  I want slim. I want iPhone. 12 arcade maiche game.  I want a kitty. Sincerely,  Lathan


Dear Santa: I want a chromebook. Sincerely, Paisley


Dear Santa: I really want a nintendo switch, army legos, a new T.V., another armadillo, and a new Xbox one. Sincerely, Bexley


Dear Santa: You are really thankful for us and other people.What I want for Christmas is a baby doll, and slime, and an iphone, snow cone machine, and cotton candy machine, and candy, and airpods. Sincerely, Sydni


Dear Santa: I have been a good stoonded I have got an idea what I want.It is a basketball goal. Sincerely, Taylee


Dear Santa,  I have mostly bin nice. What I want for Christmas is a horse and a boy kalikoe cat so my cat and have a husband and one more thing, I want some flowers for my mom and a new gon for my dad.  Sincerely, Timber 


Dear Santa,  I would like a basketball, a nurf gun, toy animals, a kote and shoos. A car please! Sincerely, Gabriel


Dear Santa, I want to get skates and a red penby slap bracelets and a stuf animal rudolph and red nose.  Sincerely,  Amiyah 


Dear Santa, I want  PS4 whif games, football, basketball, soccer ball, babye cat, drt bike, basketball hoop, soccer ball hoop.  Sincerely,  Michael


Dear Santa, I want a Guinea pig, a Hoverboard and baby deer and a hrosahda, trtool, snowman, sum icecream , a christmas tree, asla bracelet, a wolf, a cat, a rudolph , a bell, I want a bearbet and the uhvrj, a diamond, and a block of gold. Sincerely, Logan ...


Dear Santa, I want to have some nets, candy, a candy cane with M&Ms, one of the toy pups that you can tac a woc, a Barbie, a christmas shorts, a Barbie set, and a toy cat. Sincerely, Mariah


Dear Santa, I want a donut sar. I want a Barbie Dream House. I want a toy baby cat. I want a toy Barbie with a long des. I want a toy dog in a box. I want a toy horse in a box. I want a toy Ken bolle (doll). I want a plle (doll) with my house. I want a rill cat too! SIncerely, Ami...


Dear Santa,  I really want a Christmas princess barbie, computer, a phone and a smartwatch.  Sincerely,  Railynn


Dear Santa, I want a unicorn and I want a new bed and I want a pink pig and I want a horse and the end. Sincerely,  Izzy


Dear Santa, I really want some transformers and a remote controller drone. Sincerely, Brody

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