Therapy dog would provide ‘pawsitive’ effects

Lyndon Tomlinson, Reporter

Therapy dogs have been proven to work in many schools with physical and cognitive benefits.

Allowing the counselor, Amanda Atkinson, to have a therapy dog would be a great addition to our school.

Therapy dogs have been proven to have cognitive benefits such as promoting a positive mood, lowering stress, anxiety and depression in students. Studies performed by the National Institute of Health (NIH) have proven that they also help stimulate memory and problem-solving skills. In addition, therapy dogs have been proven to provide other benefits such as improving concentration, attention, motivation, focus and reading skills. They have been found to give a feeling of relaxation and calmness as well.

Therapy dogs have been proven to have physical benefits as well. Another study done by the NIH has shown that being around a therapy dog lowers blood pressure and heart rate. They have also been shown to increase socialization, help students focus on learning and lead to fewer discipline problems overall.

Because of the overwhelming benefits of a therapy dog, Atkinson should be allowed one for students.