Floristry at its finest


Aubrey Loper, Reporter

In the past, floral programs have been on the weaker side of extracurricular activities. Now that Floral Design Teacher Maygan Gilfillian is in charge, things have changed. She has gained more advanced classes and has even had students earn a floral certification.

“I love that students can express their creative side and learn something new while still working with their hands to create a beautiful arrangement in the end,” Gilfillian said. 

 Gilfillian enjoys teaching her students about floral design. She has a total of four floral classes. 

“I absolutely love what I do,” Gilfillian said. “This year, we have some really great activities planned.”

Gilfillian created the Oiler’s Petals Program. Floral design classes have advanced and expanded since she has introduced the Oilers Petal Program because most of the floral designs budget money went to buying new equipment to improve the program.

“Since we’ve grown so much, I had to purchase an additional cooler last year with some CTE funds that were available through the district,” Gilfillan said.

The students in floral classes believe that they can succeed with the skills gained from this class because it allows students to use their creativity and teamwork skills.

“I think our floral design program is very helpful because not only can we get jobs after school while using this, but we can also use it throughout our lives,” Freshman Olivia Hashaw said. “I’ve learned how to look at things creatively, and I’ve learned how to work in teams.”

This class benefits the students while also benefiting the school. The floral program encourages students to come to school because it gives them reasons to have a little fun while still working.

“The most difficult thing in class is probably all the flowers and pollen and stuff because I’m allergic to all them,” freshman Grasen Vanya said. “But it makes school way more fun for the students who don’t think school is fun.”