Mrs. Frank: teacher and entrepreneur


Lavita Basham, Reporter

Olivia Frank is an algebra teacher at West Hardin, but she also owns her own business named Live and Create Company, which she runs outside of school. Students may also know her as Ms. Marcus because she taught for a semester before she left. She returned this year. 

Frank went to Stephen F. Austin for one year but chose to transfer to Lamar University to earn her bachelor’s degree.

“I did not ever see myself being a teacher,” Frank said. “I originally went for nursing, but I changed my path, and now I am a teacher.” 

She decided she wanted to teach when the opportunity presented itself. 

“I didn’t go seeking it, but it’s kind of where I was meant to be,” Frank said.  

Teaching isn’t easy, especially with a lot of students.

“I would say [the hardest thing about teaching is] keeping track of everybody’s grades… and staying organized,” Frank said.

Frank enjoys teaching at West Hardin. 

“I really like it, it is a very close-knit family, and that’s not the way other schools are,” Frank said.

Frank is loved by many of her students.

“She is a kind person who doesn’t mind helping her students,” Junior Willa Brackin said. “When students are out, she is able to make time with them to help explain what they missed.”