Meet Mrs. Smith


Eli Fowler, Sports Editor

The new school year has come with plenty of recent changes. One of the most significant changes was the addition of a new assistant principal, Terri Smith.  

“I love West Hardin. I feel at home, and my heart is here in the community. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve West Hardin and hope I meet the expectations of the staff, students, and community,” Smith said. 

There are many things about Smith that scream she has pride in the schools she represents.

“I was my high school mascot and mascotted for Lamar Volleyball in my college years,” Smith said.

The fact that she played soccer in college caught some students off guard.

“I never imagined Mrs. Smith playing soccer. I always thought of her as a basketball or volleyball player,” Sophomore Alex Burns said.

With the pressures of being assistant principal, Smith finds a way not to let it overcome her.

“I just surround myself with people who make me laugh,” Smith said.

Any school wants to make a great first impression on their staff members, and Smith was definitely impressed here.

“The biggest and most welcoming surprise was the prayer walk before school started. Seeing so many people come together and unite in prayer was reassuring that I was in the right place,” Smith said.

She hopes to understand that people will only see her as a great principal and overall caring person.

“I believe she will be a great principal once she gets to know us, and we see that she only wants the best for us,” Junior Derrick Jackson said.