‘Speaking’ of camp

Alyscia Patton, Fine Arts Editor

    Last summer, the speech and debate team went to a summer camp in Grandview, Texas, to sharpen their skills in their different events.

     “I learned how to flow, debate [and] different types of philosophy. I also created a bond with the other members of my team,” Sophomore Logan Wells said. 

     The team learned a lot, but they didn’t just go to camp and sit in classes all day. They also played card games with each other in the hotel they were staying at and even went to an arcade to play games. 

     “The arcade was pretty fun, even getting beat by Natasha at air hockey. I got my revenge, though,” Wells said. 

     The team’s skills increased because each person who participated in camp learned more about their events. Different team members shared what they learned with other members of the team. 

     “The team grew together, and many got pieces prepared. They also learned from different coaches, which is also valuable,” Speech and Debate Coach Sandra Peek said. 

     The team has been preparing for their upcoming tournaments, and after camp, they’re ready to win.