New Texas abortion law unfair; opinion-editorial

Sydnee Smith, Reporter

A new law in Texas states that once you have been pregnant for six weeks, you may not have an abortion. This law came into effect on September 1st this year and has caused lots of controversies.

This law is wrong in many, if not every way, and it should have never been passed. 

First, everyone should choose what does or does not happen to their bodies, and this law has taken that choice away. Just because some religions don’t believe in abortions doesn’t mean that all people should have to follow the beliefs of a few.

Second, most women do not discover that they are pregnant for five to six weeks. The women who find it hard to decide what to do with their unexpected pregnancy have no choice but to continue with the pregnancy. This law does not allow enough time and planning for these women to make a decision that could change their lives forever. 

Lastly, women are forced to carry a child they may not want or be ready for. Numerous women have performed at-home abortions, leading to many of these women experiencing serious injures and, occasionally, death. 

In conclusion, this law is causing more harm than good, and it needs to be repealed immediately.