Hardworking and determined student

Katheryn Merriwether, Advertising Manager

Peyton Soto began attending West Hardin 9 years ago when she was only in pre-K and is now in her first year of high school. Ever since Peyton was young, she enjoyed staying active by playing sports as well as being involved in her school. Peyton enjoys playing many sports, but her favorite is volleyball.

“I play four different sports. I play basketball, softball, volleyball, and cheer,” Peyton said.

Peyton is known for her hard worth ethic and determination, as well as her cheery attitude. Many of her teammates and friends admire her positive outlook on every situation.

“Peyton is a very hard worker,” Freshman Cadence Slankard said.

Like the challenge that comes with playing sports and keeping an encouraging attitude, Peyton’s favorite subject is Math. Many people dislike Math, but Peyton enjoys having to problem solve. 

“Sometimes I don’t understand how to solve a problem, but it’s the biggest, and most rewarding feeling when I finally understand,” Peyton said.

When Peyton isn’t cheering on her school, solving complicated math problems, or encouraging others, she enjoys spending time with family. She has always been drawn to the beach and likes building sandcastles with her little siblings as well as looking for seashells along the shore.