Making memories with friends


Peyton Renee Soto, Reporter

Katheryn Merriwether is a freshman and has been attending the school since the fourth grade. Although five years isn’t very long, Katheryn has made many lifelong memories, like when her art teacher let her design and paint her desk, or during field day when she was sprayed with water guns by pre-K and was soaked all day. Katheryn also cherishes all of the friends she has made. 

Katheryn is always on top of her school work, while also playing multiple sports. So her free time is very valuable to her.

“In my free time I like to spend time with friends, ride horses, or play with my dogs,” Katheryn said. 

Playing sports has helped Katheryn make a ton of friends. Her friend and volleyball teammate Madison Ruffino had some things to say.

“Katheryn is tall and the principal’s daughter, and she’s got swag,” Ruffino said. 

Katheryn was on the varsity volleyball team her freshman year, which is a huge accomplishment. 

“Volleyball is my favorite sport because I like spending time with my friends that are on the team, as well as going places and getting out of school,” Katheryn said. 

Upperclassmen have taken a liking to Katheryn.

“Katheryn is pretty, funny and she’s nice,” junior Kaylee Thrasher said.

Although Katheryn has a lot of her life already planned out, what she wants to do after high school career-wise is still undecided. 

“After high school, I want to go straight to college to start working on earning my degree, but I’m unsure of what career path I may choose to follow,” Katheryn said.