Welding competition in Newton, Texas

Remington Utton, Reporter

This past Friday, May 7, two welding teams met at the Ag shop at 5:30 a.m. to go to Newton, Texas with a gooseneck trailer loaded down with all the equipment needed for the welding contest. The contest lasts a total of 8 hours and consists of non-stop math and technique to build a BBQ pit.

Two teams were going to this welding competition: team 1: Rodie Ruffino, Cameron Musselwhite, Kamden Browning, and Josiah Berry, and team 2: Kaden Vasquez, Kyler Skuca, Remington Utton, and Brennan Loper.

Team 1 won 3rd place with a score of 227 out of 13 teams, and team 2 fell short with a score of 209 and did not place in the competition.