A high school kid with MLB dreams


Derrick Jackson

Bryce Blanchard is a sophomore, and he plays on the varsity baseball team. Bryce has been attending school at West Hardin ever since he was in kindergarten. Bryce is the starting pitcher but will occasionally play centerfield. Bryce pitched in multiple games this last season. 

When his team traveled to Sabine Pass, Bryce threw 11 strikeouts. Also, when competing against Big Sandy, he threw 116 pitches and came close to a complete game. Bryce throws the pitches fastball, curveball, slider, and changeup. He would like to be throwing his signature curveball in the MLB one day.

“He’s a very hard worker at everything he does and can bring a smile to anyone’s face,” Juan Sanchez said. 

Bryce’s biggest surprise this year is how well he has performed in the weight room and how much weight he has moved.

Bryce’s favorite thing about school is “playing sports and eating lunch.” Bryce’s favorite food is spaghetti, and he likes to eat at Sonic. 

Bryce will occasionally swim in his pool, but one of Bryce’s favorite hobbies is “playing video games.” Bryce specifically enjoys sports games such as Madden, NBA2K, and MLB The Show. This upcoming summer Bryce will be playing Showcase Baseball all summer. He will go and compete at the University of Houston, Rice University, LSU, and across Georgia.

Bryce is trying to attend a college and play baseball there. He would like a full athletic scholarship and to go to a division one college. Bryce’s dream college to attend is LSU. If Bryce’s only option was a junior college then he would take the chance. Bryce would play his hardest if he were to be attending a junior college.