The gentle giant


Jimmy Tapley, Reporter

Logan Wells is a freshman, but there is more to him than meets the eye. Logan moved from California to Hardin county in 2021. The reasoning behind why he moved here out of all places is family-related.

“Why did I move here? My dad graduated from here. This is home. I moved around a lot when I was younger, but we have a house that is finally paid for, we got a stable job, this is home,” Logan said.

Logan alongside his brother plays sports such as baseball and basketball. Logan himself writes stories and plays piano. He enjoys the time he spends here, especially with the students.

“West Hardin is good. It has its issues like other schools, but I’ve seen positive people. Every teacher here is almost perfect. Material is an easy transition. Students are uplifting,” Logan said.

His extracurricular activities consist of football, basketball, baseball, and speech and debate. Logan has made an impact on many people in the high school, such as his brother.

“Strong-willed with a short attention span. He is very kind and good-natured,” Sophomore Mason Wells said.

His views on his education after high school are uncertain.

“I’m still on the ropes about college in the first place. If I had to say any I would go closer to home, maybe Lamar,” Logan said.

Logan is a freshman who has experienced public school for only two years and so far he likes it.

“Well I was homeschooled when I originally moved to California and so my first experience with public school was in late seventh grade. It was not at the quality of West Hardin. West Hardin is a better school for where I was.”

This gentle giant that came from California brightened up this school with radiant light and will surely make you smile every time he cracks a joke or when he is in the same room as you.