A rising basketball star


Kade Brackin , Editor-in-Chief

Freshman Braden Wyatt was born with a basketball in his hands, and he hasn’t put it down since. This level of devotion to the game propelled him to win First Team All-District his first year of high school basketball.

“I was pretty happy about it, but I want our team to go farther,” Braden said.

Braden has grown up in three places: his home, the gym, and church. His devotion to basketball, his family, and God are the main factors that drive Braden to succeed. 

Coach Nick Spencer has a lot of faith in Braden.

“(Braden) has a lot of confidence and can do anything he puts his mind to,” Spencer said.

Braden is a leader and team player through-and-through. He can’t speak highly enough of his team.

“My team loves to win, and they’re hard-workers,” Braden said.

Likewise, Braden’s friends can’t speak highly enough of him either.

“Braden is a good guy with good moral values,” Sophomore Evan Johnson said. “He’s 

dedicated to everything he does.”

In school, Braden gets by pretty easily. 

“All my classes are pretty easy, so I just get my work done,” Braden said.

After he gets home, Braden continues to “get shots up,” work on his “handles,” and lift weights to get better every day. He “loves to win” and will “do anything” to do so, which is one reason he is upset that head basketball coach Kenny Hoffpauir will not be returning next year.

“I hate it because I do believe that he’s the best coach that has ever walked through West Hardin’s gym, but we’re just going to have to move on as a team,” Braden said.

Even so, Braden still believes there is only one place for his team.

“District champs, baby,” Braden said.