Small town kid with big dreams

Small town kid with big dreams

Sophie Enloe , Copy Editor

Addison Quinn is a junior at West Hardin High School who enjoys doing a variety of activities.

Addison takes interest in acting, listening to music, and playing video games. Even without acting, people have stated that he shows a “great deal of character” and is “reliable and kind.” One extracurricular activity that Addison takes part in is One-Act.

“I participate in One Act because I wanted to act and being an actor is actually this huge aspiration that I have,” Addison said.

Addison has an idea of where he would live if he could live anywhere in the world.

“Probably like a Scandinavian country with like a high standard of living like Norway or Sweden or something,” Addison said

Addison’s favorite movie series resides in the fantasy genre.

“The entire Harry Potter series because it’s like literally a dream come true. I mean it’s like think of the best thing in the world and multiply it by a million and you have magic,” Addison said.

One of Addison’s hobbies is playing video games because he takes interest in the creativity that goes into them.

“Video games. Just video games. I like playing video games because video games are like art. They really are. Like I love just taking in the scenery and the views of these beautiful video games that these people can make. It’s honestly really nice,” Addison said.

Addison’s inspiration comes from one progressive rock band called Pink Floyd.

“Pink Floyd. The band Pink Floyd. They just make the most like magical, amazing music that I’ve ever heard in my life, and it just really changed the way that I looked at everything. Everything,” Addison said.

Addison decided that if he could go back in time, he would change something that impacted his performance in school.

“I would probably restart high school and pay attention in math class and actually learn how to do math like really good because I don’t know how to do math,” Addison said.

The best part of Addison’s junior year has been that no misfortune has affected him. 

“The fact that nothing bad has happened to me. What I mean by that is you know, I have a lot of friends and I’m really blessed to be around the people that I’m around every day,” Addison said.

Addison has mixed feelings about being a senior next year.

“I think my senior year is going to be even better than this year, but towards the end, it’s going to get kinda sad because I’m gonna graduate and not be able to go to high school anymore. But yes I am excited to be a senior! I can’t wait honestly because it goes both ways. I wanna graduate, but I also don’t,” Quinn said.

According to Sophomore Kimberlann Gilley, Addison is a good person to chat with. 

“He is very fun to talk to. There are pretty interesting conversations very often. He’s always open to give someone advice,” Gilley said.

Junior Jessica Gutierrez believes that Addison’s lively personality makes others around him brighten up.

“He’s an extremely energetic and fun person and when you’re around him his personality will just rub off on you and you can’t help but match his energy,” Gutierrez said.