Thank you Coach Hoffpauir

Derrick Jackson

“Thank you for making West Hardin a winning basketball program.” -Lance Mosley

“Thank you for having a lot of love for the game and teaching it in the right way.” -Braden Wyatt

“Thank you for helping me expand my knowledge of the game of basketball, helping me develop as a player and person and thanks for being the best coach I could have had for my last 2 years.” -Jake Loftin

“Thank you for pushing me to be my very best and never stop practicing.” -Aaron Norwood

“I just want to thank him for the inspiration he gave me to play basketball. If it weren’t for him, I probably wouldn’t have played and fallen in love with the sport.” -Kade Brackin

“Thanks for the coaching and I hope you do good in the future.” -Eli Fowler

“He helped me get better at playing basketball and has always given me motivation.” -Derrick Jackson